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Christian Adamsky is a graphic designer and lettering artist who got his start in middle school getting yelled at for doodling in the margins of his notebooks and exams. Never truly considering a career in the creative industry until two years into a business degree, he met with an advisor and scrapped together a portfolio of work (most of which was made that week) and anxiously applied to the Tyler School of Art. Five weeks later he was accepted and gratefully began his creative career.

A 2018 graduate of the Graphic and Interactive Design program, Christian is interested in the relationship between formal typographic clarity/beauty and the ways in which typography can be used to craft a deeper narrative, especially as it pertains to to solving a conceptual problem or elevating a brand. When he’s not biking around the city or binge-watching drag queens, he is happily designing and drawing letterforms (sometimes still in the margins of his notebooks).

Download his resumé here.

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