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Christian Adamsky is a lettering artist, typographer and graphic designer who loves heart-to-hearts and singing (a few octaves too high and a tad too loudly) in the shower. A natural empath, Christian prides himself on being a professional “hat-wearer” in the sense that he finds joy in trying out as many roles as possible, whether through his role as a designer or just simply his life experiences thus far. Christian transferred out of the business school in his sophomore year to pursue his passion for art and design. Applying a week after the portfolio deadline had passed and with absolutely no work to show, he worked tirelessly to scrap together a small portfolio of work to present and just a few short weeks later, he was accepted into the Tyler School of Art where he has found his passion for graphic design and has been designing happily ever since. He has a love for typography, whether one-off in the form of hand-lettering or even through a more systemic approach of typeface design, and is particularly drawn to the ways in which letterforms can speak in both a literal and conceptual sense. He’s interested in the relationship between formal typographic clarity/beauty and the ways in which typography can ultimately tell a deeper narrative.