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Ebb and Gro

Ebb and Gro is a surf-themed vegetarian restaurant focusing primarily around the history of the sport and its strong-held respect for nature and humanity’s impact on it, inspired by an ancient Polynesian (the descendants of modern-day Hawaiians) tradition of ceremoniously planting Koa seeds to replace each of the trees they would chop down to craft their surfboards. The name references this reciprocal relationship of cultivating and planting as it pertains to surfing, as well as the more obvious ebbing and flowing of tides, both of which are at the core of surfing as both a sport and as a rare moment of giving up full control and allowing nature to run its course. The restaurant serves a fusion of Californian modern cuisine and traditional Polynesian fare, all the ingredients of which are locally sourced to make for a refreshing clean-eating experience. To communicate this reverence for nature I decided to keep the identity system fairly minimal, allowing material and typography to come to the forefront.


Branding, Print, Web Design, Packaging, Typography, Copywriting

Art Direction:

Scott Laserow


Sam Fritch