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Flourish Artisan Foods

Flourish is a line of artisanal foods produced by the Philadelphia nonprofit, Philabundance. The organization is committed to seeing no one in the Philadelphia area go hungry, which has traditionally been funded through donations and from their relationships with local food markets who give them any food that is otherwise completely fine, but would have to be thrown out for one reason or another. This new line of artisan foods would act as an alternative means of funding this mission by working with local producers to combat any excess that would be wasted and craft it into a line of high-quality foods. I decided on the name “Flourish”, because it communicates the overall brand mission to see both communities and local producers flourish, and also gives the brand a feeling of refinement. The client wanted branding that would require minimal extra effort and could be easily scaled to new foods and beverages since they do not have a dedicated department for overseeing production and design, which is why the branding is decidedly scaled back.


Branding, Print, Packaging, Typography

Art Direction:

Bryan Satalino, Scott Laserow


Austen Hart