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The Hatchery

The Hatchery is an effort run through Tyler School of Art’s Graphic and interactive Design program to marry design concepts with entrepreneurial outlooks, acting as both a guild of resources as well as offering classes to learn how to organically inject entrepreneurship into the design process. Working closely with professor and guild founder Bryan Satalino, I worked to create a new web identity for the program, using existing assets and color palettes on a Divi structure. Since the program thematically pulls from farm iconography with a name like “The Hatchery”, I decided that the visual identity system should reference farming in some way. The visual identity references this through the use of layered printing effects and custom brush script lettering, as well as an individual system of typographic stamps, which harkens to a tradition of small-scale farmers who use stamps to brand their eggs when bringing them to market. I thought that this idea married farming and entrepreneurship appropriately.


Branding, Web Design, WordPress, Typography

Art Direction:

Bryan Satalino