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TOMS Poster Series

This series of poster advertisements attempts to highlight TOMS’ one-for-one business model by illustrating phrases that reference the types of care that each purchase in a variety of product categories results in. I wanted to target a younger demographic, between the ages of 12-18, which is unique in that parents are still making purchasing decisions, but individuals are also beginning to become culturally and socially aware and also brand-conscious. Bright colors and illustrative lettering make the series accessible and also lend itself to a tactility that is fully realized the closer that you get to the piece, which I wanted to highlight since part of what TOMS is most known for is the use of canvas material on their iconic shoes. I tried to use humor and irony across the series to communicate a lighthearted nature, where each phrase is a traditionally negative schoolyard “jab”, but recontextualized to communicate the positivity of the brand’s mission and also each referencing in some way the idea of “doubling” in a literal and figurative doublespeak.


Advertising, Print, Illustrative Lettering, Typography

Art Direction:

Francheska Guerrero, Scott Laserow


Austen Hart